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Q : I am not a graphic designer or programmer how can I obtain a professional looking Web site?
A : It's easy because we have done the design and programming work for you. You don't need to know anything about web design. you just type into the screen and using word like tools can format your content. Why not see for yourself, simply register free and try it out. In fact the web site you are viewing now was created using WebClickGo and all the content and navigation is managed though the WebClickGo System.
Q : If I register do I have to pay?
A: No. registration is FREE. All users start with a FREE account and can start building a site immediately. Only if you wish to actually publish the site do you need to pay anything.
Q : What do I get for my membership with WebClickGo?

A : Below we list a few of the benefits you will receive while you sign-up to WebClickGo -

  • Unlimited pages (subject to acceptable use policy).
  • 100MB of file storage space for images, documents and media
  • An advanced news publishing system.
  • An advanced gallery publishing system.
  • The ability to create multilingual web sites. .
  • Full hosting, no need to pay for additional hosting.
  • Easy to use and highly advanced content management system to enable you to update and change your site whenever you need.
  • A growing selection of professionally designed and customisable templates.
  • A FREE domain for use while you subscribe to the service.
  • Search Engine friendly templates.
  • Automatic creation and submission of Google site maps.
  • No advertising on your pages.
Q : Are there any limitations in the types and sizes of files I can upload?
A : Yes, users are limited to a maximum per file size limit of 20MB and are restricted for security reasons by the file types not allowed. These are currently ASA, ASAX, ASP, ASPX, PHP, ASCX, ASHX, ASMX, CDX, CER, CGI, JAVA, JSP, CONFIG, CS, CSPROJ, IDX, LICX, REM, SCR, RESOURCES, RESX, SHTM, SHTML, SOAP, STM, VB, VBPROJ, VSDISCO, WEBINFO and BMP all other file types are allowed.
Q : If I already have a Domain Name can I keep using it?
A : Yes, you can keep it and direct it to your new Web site on WebClickGo, please follow the instruction in the site config page. Although we can't provide email forwarding on your domain for technical reasons, your domain provider will usually offer this service, if you require a full email service with Web Mail and up to 100 pop3 accounts then for a small additional monthly fee we can provide this service.
Q : How many Web pages can I have on my Web site?
A : There is no physical page limit however we do have a acceptable usage policy. where we reserve the right to remove or move a site if it is causing a large strain on our servers due to excessive content (approximately over 100 MB of text or files) or if you are using excessive amounts of bandwidth (more than 2GB of traffic per month).
Q : Are there any limits to the number of changes I can make to my Web site?
A : You can make as many changes as you like to your Web site, at no extra charge and at any time using our advanced Content Management System.
Q : How many images can I have in each Web page?
A: As many as you like or as many as you can fit on your Web page, subject to our acceptable use policy.
Q : Can I create a multilingual Web site (English, French, German etc..)?
A : Yes, you can setup as many languages as you like in our system and administer these pages and navigation completely separately from one another.
If you setup more than one language then a language picker will be displayed on your page to allow users to change language while in your site.
Your site will also act intelligently, and when a user first visits your site it will try and detect the users preferred language and then if it matches one of your site languages then the visitor will automatically be shown that language, otherwise users will see your default language (Selectable from the language admin).
We don't stop there, even if the site cant determine the users preferred language. If a user changes language while browsing your site then a cookie will be stored on the users machine so that next time they browse to your site they get there preferred language.
All these systems allow your site to very effectively show multilingual content in a thoughtful and precise manner.
Q : Can I use my own Web hosting provider?
A : No, I am afraid that is not possible since WebClickGo is a hosted subscription service and relies on the systems and services provided by our servers. If you would like a similar system but on your own servers then please contact our sister company WiredEyes for more information.
Q : How do I pay?
A: You can pay by credit, debit card or bank transfer (though a PayPal account) using the PayPal secure server subscription service. We accept Visa, Visa Electron, Visa Delta, Switch, Solo and Master-card. If you prefer to pay by direct bank transfer you can do so by creating a PayPal account and adding a bank account as a payment method before attempting to subscribe to our service. Please follow the procedure advised by PayPal by Clicking Here.
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