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Some new template variations
Hot on the heals of our latests template we have also added some variations on it for different tastes. View full story for a preview.

New Template
Latest template "Burnt Chocolate" now available. We think its the best template yet.

Prices Slashed Permanantly
We've gone mad in 2007 and decided to half our prices permanently.
Local time added
We missed out a small but significant setting for our new news publishing system, the fact that different sites would want to be in different timezones.
User support forum added
WebClickGo V2.0
WebClickGo Version 2.0 is now available.
Add Google Analytics to your site.
NEWS FLASH Google has just released a new FREE tool for websites to provide detailed site statistics. Called Google Analytics it provided some extremely useful reports on visits to your site
New Feature : Password Protected Pages
Members may now password protect access to pages within there website.
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